Experienced leadership needed now more than ever

In Windsor, we’ve been leading the county in so many ways since our incorporation in 1992. Twenty-five years ago, working together we crated a vision, reined in unbridled growth, and intentionally designed a small town with big charm, character and purpose.

We were the first to sign up for Sonoma Clean Power and to create a California version of the Pay-as-You-Save water conservation program. We were the first to provided recycled water for front and back yard irrigation (Vintage Greens). We’ve protected the agricultural and green belts surrounding Windsor, fostered our small town family focus, and held to our guiding principles.

We then started looking to the future by preparing for the 2021 arrival of the SMART train, installing 5000 floating solar panels on one wastewater pond to provide electricity for our corporation yard and wastewater treatment plant, and we started planning for a new, bigger library, a necessarily bigger police station, and a town hall that will serve us well into the future. Also, we have plans and funding (thanks to the Lytton Band of Pomo Indians) for a pool complex and/or recreation center in Keiser Park, something I have worked hard for these past few years.

Then - we got hit with disasters. The Tubbs Fire, the Kincade Fire which impacted Windsor directly, COVID-19, and now the Walbridge Fire. Now is not the time for me to step down. Now is the time to work harder than ever to protect and secure Windsor, the “jewel of Sonoma County”. Experienced leadership is what Windsor needs most now.

I remain a committed champion for that vision we created years ago, and would be honored to have your continued trust and partnership as we continue to work on not only our vision for the future, but for the health and safety of all who work here and call Windsor home. I will work hard to help our businesses rebound from the toughest year we’ve ever faced.

Thank you always for your support,

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Debora Fudge - Windsor Town Council

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