Issues Facing Windsor


The health of Windsor residents and economic health of our local businesses. Deb is working with Mayor Dominic Foppoli, the Town Council, Town Staff and the Chamber of Commerce to support our local businesses to help them survive this pandemic.

5000 Windsor residents on the Town Green to thank our first responders.
5000 Windsor residents on the Town Green to thank our first responders.


Deb and the Town Council are working with staff, fire chiefs, police dept and Council to keep people informed and safe during the most recent Walbridge Fire. Deb was Mayor during the Tubbs Fire and led Windsor as we supported those people displaced by fire. During the Kincade Fire, Deb worked in the Emergency Operations Center with Town Staff and Mayor Foppoli and Vice Mayor Esther Lemus during the 5 days Windsor was evacuated. Deb organized the gathering of 5000 Windsor residents on the Town Green to thank our first responders for saving our Town.

Affordable Housing

  • Windsor Veterans Village (150 units) is under construction
  • Two other affordable housing developments are going through the approval process now.
  • Windsor needs more housing that is affordable by design (smaller, more creative units such as cottages and accessory dwelling units) that are affordable for first time home buyers as well as older residents wanting to stay in Windsor, but downsize.
Groundbreaking for Veteran's Village
Groundbreaking for Veteran's Village

Goals For The Next Four Years

  • Keep the SMART train project on track for arrival in Windsor in late 2021
  • Finish the Town Green and rebuild the Civic Center, including a new library, police station, town hall, school administrative offices and hotel, all without any taxpayer dollars.
  • Work with the community to determine a community benefit for Keiser Park - pools and/or a new rec center?
  • More affordable housing by design - smaller units, cottage units - more diversity

Planning and guiding Windsor with our residents has become my life’s work and purpose, and I’m very proud of Windsor’s local, regional and national leadership.

My work has always been focussed on the next generation, and leaving this world a better place than I found it. Combatting climate change is my number one goal as it is now  negatively impacting us and our children much sooner than we expected. Windsor has been a leader, and can continue to lead and educate other cities on how we can be both economically strong, and take care of our environment at the same time.

Experienced leadership has made all the difference in Windsor and in how well we cope, and survive multiple crises.  I ask for your vote one more time.

Thank you,

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Debora Fudge - Windsor Town Council

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